Hi, a quick intro, my name is Marese and I am the driving force behind MG Payroll Services.

A bit of background

I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life, I hated school and failed miserably.  After a spell of voluntary work in a local school I fancied the idea of teaching.  Back to college I went and to my surprise I discovered I was not the academically challenged idiot I thought I was, in fact I discovered I was intelligent!  My pet hate at school had been mathematics.  After a lot of hard work, no one was more surprised than me to be accepted by Lancaster University to study math at degree level.

My new-found love of math lead me not into teaching as I had originally planned, but to apply and be accepted for a job with a successful Blackpool Accountant. Here I learnt everything I know about payroll and gained a wealth of experience in small to medium-sized businesses and their individual requirements.

Fortunately for me I had a wonderful boss, who had a great sense of humour and a fabulous accounting brain.  Unfortunately he had absolutely no interest in payroll.  On my very first day I was given a new computer, a pile of blank payslips, a payroll manual and told to get on with it!  I did just that, I took to payroll like a duck to water.

MG Payroll Services

I am passionate about my business, hard work and long hours fine-tuned the service I offer today.

I know people want to speak to people, not machines.  People also want to communicate with the same person be it verbally or electronically.  I believe that if you have a continuing point of contact with a certain person within an establishment it helps build confidence and adds a little humanity to our electronic world.

Communication is a key point at MG payroll Services you will always get an answer to your question and you won’t be passed from pillar to post.

Let us help your business

Running a small to medium-sized business is not without pit falls and trying to make the profit outweigh the expense is often easier said than done.  Many of us are expert at multitasking keeping most administrative costs in-house to save a buck or two, which on one hand is a good thing but on the other it can lead to disaster.  Payroll can be a huge headache for any company regardless of size, whether you employ 1 person or 150 people, it’s vital that payroll is consistently accurate, on time and precise.

I have done my homework and created what my clients tell me is a great service.  I think it’s pretty special too.  My company is ideal for small to medium-sized businesses without their own Human Resource department.

MG Payroll Services will tailor a payroll package to suit your business, we also throw in free employer support so you can call us with any employment queries you may have.

We keep you up to date and out of trouble with HMRC plus it won’t cost you the earth

Our office hours

I appreciate many business proprietors work long hard hours to make their businesses thrive.  Finding time to report your employee’s hours is not always top priority.

A lot of thought went into choosing our opening hours.  I found opening weekends and late during the weekdays takes a lot of stress away from the clients.  Many of our clients choose to contact us when their businesses are closed and they are not multitasking to the max.

In addition to the above our office hours make us available to re run a payroll if unforeseen changes have to be made.  Our clients can make changes to their payroll up to the point they actually pay an employee.

When you join us payroll is one headache you can cross off your list.

I hope my website answers many if not all of your questions.  If not give me a shout I am happy to discuss your requirements and tailor a package for you.


Don’t forget my company’s no obligation policy I personally guarantee you won’t be harassed by us for your enquiry.