Re-enrolment duties. Every 3 years re-enrolment duties will apply

Re-enrolment duties…don’t forget yours

Re-enrolment, once every three years you must assess your workforce, and put all eligible workers into a workplace pension.  This includes anyone that has previously left or opted out of the scheme. If an employee only left the scheme within the last 12 months, then you can choose whether or not to re-enrol them.

Re-enrolment follows the same process as when you first put your staff into a workplace pension. It must be completed for all employees that meet the age and earnings criteria.

Automatic enrolment is a continuing process for all employers – it doesn’t end once you’ve put your staff into a workplace pension

Ongoing responsibilities are;
  • Assessing the age and earnings of your staff who aren’t enrolled in a workplace pension every time you pay them.  Most importantly, if they are eligible or entitled your employees need to be enrolled into your work place pension scheme.
  • Essentially, know how much to deduct and contribute. The current rates are 2% employer 3% employee on income excedding £116 per week.
  • Always pay the contribution over to the pension provider of your choice on time.
  • Keep in touch with your work force, often write to your employees keep them up to date with auto enrolment.
  • keep records relating to their workplace pension scheme.
  • Manage any requests from staff to join or leave the scheme.


We can help you and your business with re-enrolment duties, why not give use a quick ring or drop us an email to see how cost effect we are.

We include all re-enrolment duties in our weekly price of £1.60 per payslip/employee for weekly paid staff or £4.60 per payslip/employee for monthly paid staff….


Increase to the National Minimum Wage

On the 1st October 2014 the National Minimum Wage is due to increase to;

*For apprentices under 19 in their first year.

Over 19 or after their first year apprentices get the national minimum wage rate that applies to their age.

 The National Minimum Wage is enforceable by HMRC.  Employers should not subject their workers to less than the minimum wage.

21 years or over£6.50
18 to 20 years£5.13
Under 18£3.79