Payroll Services Blackpool

We offer a full payroll service in Blackpool with free employer support to all our clients

At MG Payroll Services we offer a wide range of payroll services.  We have a vast bank of knowledge to share free of charge with our clients. 

We make your payroll process easy. Speak to us about your requirements.

Only £1.60 for weekly paid staff or £4.60 for monthly paid staff, we include;
  • Auto Enrolment for Work Place Pensions free set up and administration
  • No set up charges
  • Reporting in Real Time Information (RTI)
  • Claiming £3,000 Employment Allowance for eligible businesses
  • A detailed payslip.
  • A full payroll service calculating employee PAYE deductions and employer liabilities to PAYE.
  • Recording, checking and reporting all in year employee RTI information plus starters and leavers with a paper P45 where applicable.
  • All Statutory employee allowances and employer statutory reclaims.
  • Holiday accruals and payments.
  • Calculations of different hourly rates of pay and overtime.
  • Changes to the national minimum wage.
  • Calculation of bonuses and commissions.
  • Calculation and deduction of Student loans.
  • Calculation and deduction of attachment to earnings.
  • End of year paper P60.
  • A weekly/monthly wage book report, detailing each employee’s gross pay, tax deductions, NI deductions, after tax items, net pay, statutory pay, parental pay and employer NI contribution.
  • A monthly/quarterly summary including liabilities to PAYE and detailing, tax, student loan deductions, total NI and statutory and parental pay reclaims from HMRC for the period.
  • An annual payroll accounting report showing gross and net wages for the period. Separate employer and employee class 1 NIC’s and any other payments or reclaims within your accounting year. This will be useful to your accountant at your year end.
We charge £60 per annum for Single Company Directors which includes a year end P60 (additional same company Directors £30 per annum)

 * Some pension providers have administrative fees attached to the schemes on offer, please read the small print or ask us to check before you sign up